3 Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle’s Interior This Winter

3 Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle's Interior This Winter | Mandan, ND

Sub-zero temperatures, strong winds, and snowstorms are the norm for the colder months here in Mandan, North Dakota. We’ve rounded up some practical tips for protecting your vehicle’s interior this winter as you kick off 2022 with some new adventures and road trips. 

1. Clean the glass

Beware of smudges on your vehicle’s glass surfaces that can impede visibility when you’re driving — especially during winter when the sun’s low angle poses its own challenge as you scan the road up ahead. Make a regular habit of warming up your vehicle, then cleaning the inside of your car’s windows.

2. Vacuum the upholstery

Any road salt you and passengers track inside can corrode the vehicle’s surfaces. So, it’s a good idea to frequently vacuum your car’s seating and carpeting to help keep these materials free of grime and looking great for years to come.

3. Take advantage of floor mats

Invest in some high-quality all-weather floor mats to help keep your vehicle’s carpet clean and dry despite winter’s wet elements. Our service department reps will be happy to hook you up with some OEM manufactured floor mats specifically made for your particular ride.

Contact us at Schwan Buick GMC Cadillac in Mandan for more strategies on keeping your vehicle in great shape during the colder months. And don’t forget to schedule a seasonal service appointment for your ride if you haven’t done so already.

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