Spring Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Spring is upon us — but before you hit the highways for a weekend getaway, perform these critical spring vehicle maintenance tasks to get the most from your vehicle.


It’s time to wash away the remnants of winter. Give the car a good cleaning above and underneath. It may be helpful to use a different scrub for the wheels and the body, because polished aluminum, billet, and magnesium wheels may need a specific cleanser. Spring is also a good time to consider waxing to protect your car’s paint job even further.


Your vehicle’s tire treads have likely endured some wear and tear over the winter. To check your tire treads, stick a penny in the groove. If Lincoln’s head sticks out, it’s time to replace them. Also check for uneven wear, which is a sign that the tires need an alignment.


With all of that braking in icy conditions, spring is a good time to have the brake system inspected. Check the pads, rotors, drums and brake lines, having parts replaced as needed.

Under the Hood

First, top off all the fluids. Of course, check to make sure your vehicle’s engine oil is clean and full. If you find coffee-brown oil, consider bringing your car in for an oil change. Also check the transmission, brake, power steering fluid, windshield wiper solvent, and the coolant as well, which should be refreshed every two years.

After the draining winter weather, have the battery checked and replaced if needed.

At Schwan Buick GMC Cadillac, our team of mechanics will be happy to perform these maintenance tasks on your vehicle.

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