Winter Tires for Your GMC Vehicle

Winter Tires for Your GMC Vehicle | Mandan, ND

Winters in Mandan, North Dakota, can be relentless, so it’s important to do everything you can to help ensure your safety on the road. Investing in a new set of winter tires for your GMC vehicle from Schwan Buick GMC can improve traction on the road and your overall safety when traveling in winter weather.

Benefits of winter tires

Since winter tires use special rubber compounds, they can handle the brutality of cold temperatures, even temps below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Instead of getting rigid and brittle like other non-winter specific tires, winter tires can effectively clutch the road thanks to their substantial, deep tread patterns.

Small grooves offer better grip in the snow. Because the rubber of winter tires stays flexible and malleable, they provide superior traction even if the road is free from fallen snow.

With their heightened function in winter, you might expect winter tires will break your budget. However, winter tires often rival the price of all-season tires.

Here at Schwan Buick GMC in Mandan, North Dakota, our trained service technicians will help you find a set of winter tires for your vehicle to fit both your needs and your budget. We’ll even install them for you as part of your purchase.

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