How to Trade in Your Old Truck for a New One

If you feel like you’ve run your course with your current truck and want to upgrade to a newer GMC truck, consider trading in your truck at Schwan Buick GMC Cadillac. The trade-in process is simple, convenient, and offers many benefits. Here is how you can trade in your truck in Mandan, North Dakota.

Trading in your truck is a convenient type of transaction with a dealership where you can get rid of your old truck and drive away with a new one. When you bring your old truck to Schwan Buick GMC, the first thing we will do is appraise its value, which is referred to as the trade-in value. To get an idea of what your truck might be worth when you bring it in, you can use this tool on our website.

The trade-in value, which is essentially the price that you “sell” your truck to the dealer for, will then go towards the value of your new truck. For instance, if your truck is worth $5,000 and you trade it in for a $15,000 truck, you only have to pay $10,000 for the new truck. If you still owe money on your old truck, the trade-in value will first go toward paying that amount.

Trading in your truck is a great way to upgrade to a newer GMC truck with better features and capabilities. Speak to our experienced sales staff at Schwan Buick GMC Cadillac today to learn more about how you can trade in your truck for a new one.

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