Does Your Family Need a Truck or an SUV?

GMC Acadia | Mandan, ND

Families have unique needs like space, safety, and utility that need to be considered during the car-buying process. Schwan Buick GMC has put together some helpful information to help you make the choice between a truck and an SUV for your family’s next vehicle purchase.

Space: Most average-sized families will fit just fine in either a crew cab pickup or an SUV. Both types of vehicles are large enough to accommodate four passengers with plenty of space. If you have a very large family, however, you might want to consider a three-row SUV like the Enclave or Yukon to fit your whole brood.

Safety: When it comes to safety, it’s truly a toss-up. While SUVs might have come with more standard safety features in the past, pickups like the Sierra and the Colorado come with plenty of advanced driver awareness technology. Whether you choose a GMC pickup or a Buick SUV, you can rest easy knowing your family is in good hands.

Utility: Pickup trucks like the Sierra HD offer plenty of utility for active families. Not only do they have plenty of space and payload capacity to haul materials for your weekend DIY project, they also have plenty of towing capability to haul your camper or boat for your next family adventure. Plenty of SUVs, including the mighty Yukon XL, have impressive towing capacity and cargo space as well.

Still need help deciding? Visit Schwan Buick GMC for a head-to-head truck vs. SUV test drive.

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