Is It Time to Invest in New Windshield Wipers?

Your windshield wipers give you a clear view of the road ahead, so it is crucial to keep them in good working order. Here are some tips for getting the most from your windshield wipers — and how to know when it’s time for new ones.

How Long Do Wipers Last?

Wiper manufacturers recommend replacing them once or twice a year, although you might get a bit more wear out of them. Have your service technician inspect the wipers whenever you are in for an oil change here at Schwan Buick GMC. Some people in Mandan, North Dakota, switch wipers from summer blades to winter to get more use out of them.

Signs You Need New Wipers

If your wipers squeak, chatter, or vibrate, it is time to replace the blades. The wipers should clear moisture evenly from the windshield. If the glass is streaky and difficult to see through after the wipers pass, this is another indication that it is time for new wiper blades. And of course, if the blades are torn or have pieces missing, it is time to replace them.

Getting More from Your Wipers

Although nothing lasts forever, performing some routine maintenance can help you get more life from your wipers. Cleaning the blades with isopropyl alcohol and making sure to clear dirt, bird droppings, ice and snow off of your windshield will help protect the wipers.

If your vehicle is ready for new windshield wipers, come see us here at Schwan Buick GMC and we’ll get you outfitted with a fresh set.

New windshield wipers in Mandan, ND

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